Pratt & Whitney Group

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**Pratt & Whitney Group is comprised of Pratt & Whitney and Pratt & Whitney Canada**

Anodize AMS-A-8625 Anodize  
MIL-A-8625 Anodize for Type II, Type III - For Aluminum  
PN14.06-01 Anodize for Aluminum  
Black Oxide AMS 2485 Black Oxide  
Cadmium Plating AMS 2401 Cadmium Plating  
QQ-P-416 Cadmium Plating  
Chem Film AMS-C-5541  
MIL-C-5541 CL1 or CL2  
MIL-DTL-5541 For Aluminum  
PN14.12 For Aluminum, Mg  
Etch PN16.05 Nital Etch for MPI  
NDT ASTM E 1417 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection  
PN16.03 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection  
MIL-I-6868 Magnetic Particle Inspection  
MIL-STD-1949 Magnetic Particle Inspection  
PN16.04 Magnetic Particle Inspection  
ASTM E 1742 Radiographic Inspection  
MIL-STD-2175 Radiographic Inspection  
MIL-STD-453 Radiographic Inspection  
PN16.01 Radiographic Inspection  
Passivation AMS 2700 Passivation  
ASTM A 380 Passivation  
ASTM A 967 Passivation For SST Parts  
CP14.10-03 Passivation  
MIL-S-5002 Passivation  
PN14.10 Passivation  
QQ-P-35 Passivation  
Welding AMS-STD-2219 Fusion Welding  
AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications  
CP05.15-04 Fusion Welding of Steels, SST  
MIL-B-7883 Brazing of Steels, Cu, Ni  
MIL-STD-2219 Fusion Welding for Aerospace Applications  
MIL-W-8611 Welding Metal Arc & Gas  
PN05.15 Fusion Welding  
Misc. MIL-STD-1595 Qualification of Aircraft, Missile  
PN17.70-03 Installtion and Removal of Plugs/Inserts  

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