Flow Down Requirements


Please utilize the following list to ensure uninterrupted processing of your order
Purchase Order Flow-Down Requirements – ALWAYS Purchase Order Flow-Down Requirements – WHEN APPLICABLE by Specification Engineering Drawing or Purchase Order
    1. Purchase Order Number, Revision, and Date Issued
    2. Purchase Order Originator, Name, and Address
    3. Part Number, Part Number Revision, and Part Name of Each Item
    4. Material type/condition/hardness
    5. Engineering Drawing and Revision
    6. Quantity of Each Item
    7. Process Specification(s) Specification Revision Level
    8. Present Material Condition e.g. As-machined, Stress Relieved, Plated, Peened etc.
    9. Export Control Classification
    10. Due Date
    1. Certificate of Conformity / Test Data
    2. Government Ratings – DOD / DPAS
    3. Testing Methods, Specimens, Quantities
    4. Test Sampling Plans
    5. Parts List, B.O.M.
    6. Test Location(s)
    7. Pre and Post Processing
    8. Frozen (fixed) Process Document Number and Revision
    9. Engineering / Design Authority Process Exceptions
    10. Part Serial Numbers
    11. Heat, Lot, Batch Numbers
    12. Ship To if Different Than Originator
    13. Boeing Program or Site and Model or Craft
    14. Engineering Departures – ECO’s, NOR’s, PSD’s, SPEO’s etc.
    15. Process(es) Not to be Performed
    16. Tooling – Fixtures, Special Inspection Tooling etc.
    17. Acceptance Criteria
    18. Special Documentation – e.g. Oven Charts, Stamps etc.
    19. Special Conditions
      1. Handling – part protection,
      2. Customer Owned Property – tooling, fixtures, materials, inspection equipment
      3. Surface Condition – any special surface finish requirements
      4. Engineering Instructions
      5. Dimensional / Tolerance Requirements and Measurements
      6. Packaging
      7. Unique Visual Acceptance Requirements
      8. Special Racking, Masking, Identification Marking

Approvals: The design authority on the engineering drawing shall be used to determine approval status. Otherwise, procurement documents must clearly define the design authority when shop op. drawings are supplied with an order.

Drawings: Drawings and associated ECO’s, ECN’s and Parts List’s etc. are essential to a robust contract review and comprehensive planning process. Engineering process notes are verified against the purchase order ensuring the correct processes are performed and used in defining product handling, masking, racking, and dimensional inspections.

Reference Items: Please specify any other reference items you would like included on the certification, such as customer job number, heat lot, batch, serial numbers, supplier code etc.

Non-Stock Paints/Materials: Please note that a non-stock material or setup charge may be required for coatings or chemistry outside our standard inventory.

Additional Process Requirements: Parts may be subject to conditional material and/or specification requirements in which quoted lead times and/or pricing may be exceeded due to additional processing required. ( i.e. 7 to 14 day coatings cure, process qualification tests, pre and post treatments such as abrasive blasting, hydrogen absorption testing etc.)

Expedites: Please confirm all expedites with an Account Manager prior to sending an order, as applicable fees are determined by turnaround requirements, current demand and part/order characteristics.

Visual Receiving Inspections: MIL performs sample visual receiving inspections in accordance with ANSI Z1.4, Table I, Level S-1, Zero Defects. Non-conforming product will be identified and subject to customer disposition. Additional fees will apply to special or additional protocols such as 100% or reference magnification inspections.

Order Discrepancies: MIL Quality Assurance must be notified in writing within 10 working days after customer receipt of completed order with any discrepancies found.

Handling/Packaging: Customer packaging may require additional charges. If the packing/unpacking time extends 50% of the process time for any single process, MIL will charge a packaging fee at a rate per hour.

Certifications: There is no charge for certification as it is included in the quoted price of an order. However, if customer requires an amendment from original certification, an additional charge of $10 may apply. MIL Inc QA review of an amendment certification is required.

New Customers / First Order Payment Policy: For customers with qualifying credit: First time orders invoiced at $2000 or less will ship upon completion with standard net 30 payment terms. Orders exceeding $2000 will require COD payment prior to order release. MIL accepts payment on first time orders prior to the completion of processing.

Thank you for your continued business.

Flow Down Requirements

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